Whatever troublesome emotions, feelings or thoughts have been hard to deal with by yourself, I offer a safe welcoming space within which you may take the time you need. Whether there is a specific known issue you wish to address, or an uncertain feeling of something “not quite right”, I will take the time to support you as you work towards your achievable and realistic goals. If life has become complex and / or challenging you do not have to struggle alone. You may be looking for assistance for the first time or you may have already experienced some form of therapy in the past. One type of therapy may be better suited for you than others or you may benefit from a mix of different styles. As an integrative therapist I will mix and match appropriately based on your unique individuality and your presenting issue(s). There is a plethora of posts, blogs, vlogs, articles, podcasts, videos, books, magazines etc. out there offering advice on how to deal with your mental health. Self-help is great. Sometimes a little extra help, be it a short term nudge in the right direction or a longer term deeper personal exploration, is needed. That’s where I can help. Face to face in Plymouth or online anywhere!                                                                                                
                     “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”